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European Short Breaks Packages

Taking a short break holiday can a really effective way to bridge the seemingly never-ending gap between summer holidays. The beauty of shortbreaks is in their sheer variety and low cost. Unlike when booking your main holiday when you need to plan well in advance and book the time off, short breaks can be spontaneous, flexible and can take into account those last minute unplanned events such as engagements, sporting finals and birthdays. So whether you suddenly need to take a short holiday to Amsterdam to visit a new arrival in the family or an impromptu short break stag weekend to Tallinn to prepare for your best friend's wedding, it has never been easier to take a shortbreak holiday.

And of course short breaks are no longer the reserve of the wealthy. With most European holiday destinations accessible in less than 2 hours flying time and some amazing offers available on flights, it has also never been cheaper to make shortbreak holidays an important part of your precious leisure time.

Indeed these days psychologists even agree on the value of holidays for our own health and mental wellbeing. Shortbreaks provide a viable, practical, flexible and above all low-cost solution to our need to ?get away from it all?. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at some of our fantastic offers. Whether it's a romantic short break weekend to Paris or a holiday to Malta, we have short breaks to suit every possible taste and budget!

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